Admissions Policy

Hillside Junior School is a foundation school, and the admission of pupils is controlled and administered by the governing body.  The school can admit 60 children in each year group, and all admissions will be dealt with according to the following criteria:

All infant pupils attending Hillside Infant School who apply for places in the Junior School by the closing date, will be admitted at the beginning of the autumn term following their seventh birthday.  Such pupils will have priority over children attending other schools.  Parents of pupils from other schools may apply for places and will be considered for any vacancies according to the criteria stated below.  Pupils will be admitted without reference to ability or aptitude.

In cases where the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, the Governing Body will consider those applicants according to the following criteria in the order set out below:

i. Looked after children and previously looked after children
Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so, because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence or special guardianship order).

ii. Attendance at Hillside Infant School
Children who attend Hillside Infant School

iii. Medical conditions of child
Children who have a long term medical condition which necessitates their attendance at Hillside Junior School rather than  an alternative; details of that long term medical or psychological condition must be supported by a doctor’s statement and must be disclosed at the time of application.

iv. Medical Condition of a member of immediate family
Children where the medical condition of a member of the immediate family living at the same address necessitates attendance at Hillside Junior School rather than an alternative; details of that long term medical condition must be supported by a doctor’s statement and must be disclosed at the time of application.

v. Sibling connection
Children, who have a sibling living in the same household, who currently attends the school and who will continue to do so on the date of admission.  A sibling refers to a brother or sister, half brother or sister with one parent in common, adopted brother or sister.

vi. Distance from home to school
1. Children living nearest to the school, measured in a straight line from the point set by Ordnance Survey at the child’s home address (including flats) to a fixed point in the school (Ordnance Survey Grid Reference 510150 191063) using the Local Authority’s computerised measuring system.

Those whose parents apply for places after the closing date for Year 3 will join the waiting list according to distance from home to school.  No other criteria will apply.

Further information relating to the Admissions Policy
Children are admitted to the school at the beginning of Year 3.  The capacity of the school was calculated in June 1993 when the admissions limit was established at 60 pupils per year.  The admissions limit is not an arbitrary figure as it is based upon the actual capacity of the school as stated in the School Premises Regulations (1981).  This number allows the school to make efficient use of resources and to make efficient provision for the Education and delivery of the National Curriculum.  However, the school has a duty to admit a child with a statement of special education needs, when it is the named school on the statement.

Admission Appeals
Parents have a statutory right of appeal against the decision of the Governing Body not to admit their child.

Medical grounds
Hillside Junior School has no special provision for children with a medical condition which is not offered by other schools in the locality.  The governors will consider application on medical grounds only if:

a. there is a declaration on the application form to state their intent to apply on medical grounds


b. there is full information about the medical condition with supporting medical

Failure to satisfy both these requirements will make an application on medical grounds invalid.  It is important to note that governors will not be satisfied with evidence produced after a parent has been notified of the governors’ decision not to offer a place to a child.

Governors reserve the right to make further enquiries regarding grounds for application.  If an application has been made on medical grounds it will be deemed that consent has been given for such enquiries to be made.

May 2012

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