Uniform Dress Code

School Uniform

Grey or black trousers or shorts, grey pinafore dress or skirt

White  shirt/blouse

Red school sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece

School Tie

Grey, white or black socks or tights

Suitable black shoes

In summer a red & white check dress may be worn


PE Kit

PE Bag (clearly marked with name)

White T-shirt, red shorts (not Bermuda or cycling shorts)

Plimsolls or trainers

Black or Navy Blue Tracksuits may be worn in cold weather


Year 5 Swimming at Highgrove Pool

To ensure the health & safety and effective teaching of swimming at Highgrove Pool they ask that pupils adhere to the following rules when attending swimming lessons.


  • Girls must wear one piece costumes with no skirt attached (no bikinis or tankinis).
  • Boys must wear swimming trunks that are to be no longer than mid thigh with no pockets and tight to the skin.
  • If pupils need to wear full cover due to religious reasons they need to wear appropriate swimwear made from tight Lycra material (one piece).


  • All jewellery must be removed before entering poolside. This includes wristbands.
  • Children who have recently had their ears pierced must cover earrings with a head band (no hooped earrings).
  • No necklaces of any sort.


  • Our policy is that all children wear hats.


  • Any child with a verruca must wear a swimming sock or not take part in lessons.


Hillside Junior School, Northwood Way, Northwood, Middlesex HA6 1RX