Year 6 Residential Trip

Day 1

We're off to a fabulous start. Arriving at Thetford Forest to the sounds of Olly Murrs backing group warming up for a gig. The children had lunch and had fun on the adventure playground. Back on the coach for a short trip to the centre. Lots of singing on the coach, with lots of tunes the staff didn't recognise!

Arriving at the centre the children were shown to their rooms and there were many happy faces and much excitement. No time to rest and straight onto the first activity: archery, rifle shooting, fencing or initiative tests. The children loved their activities and are enjoying all aspects of the centre.

Fingers crossed they sleep well tonight.laugh

Day 2

The childreen woke bright and early (some earlier than others!) and tucked into a hearty breakfast.

It was onto the lake. Paddle boarding,  canoeing and raft building were the activities of the day. Life jackets on, paddles in hand, they were good to go. In the canoeing there was much laughter as children headed towards the bank and bushes or went round in circles. Eventually the children got the hang of it, enough to give Oxford and Cambridge a run for their money.

Lots of laughter and starnge noises came from the paddle boarding lake as the children had such fun.  The staff had to keep reminding the children that the activity was stand up paddle boarding and not throw yourself off paddle boarding. But they all had an amazing time.

Raft building saw the children try out their teamwork skills to build a raft to float on water. Two groups managed to keep theirs afloat and even danced on it, while the other group saw their barrels float off into the distance!

Fencing, initiative skills and archery are still to come today.

With all that activity the children 'should' sleep well tonight.    wink

Day 3

Year 6 are due back between 4:15 - 4:30 pm today. smiley

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